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5.2 Connection Manager

This module provides functionality for managing pairs of input and output ports. We have plans to allow a number of different strategies for doing this.

(struct connection (timer i-port o-port custodian close?)
  #:extra-constructor-name make-connection)
  timer : timer?
  i-port : input-port?
  o-port : output-port?
  custodian : custodian?
  close? : boolean?
A connection is a pair of ports (i-port and o-port) that is ready to close after the current job if close? is #t. Resources associated with the connection should be allocated under custodian. The connection will last until timer triggers.

Runs the connection manager (now just the timer manager).

(new-connection timeout    
  close?)  connection?
  timeout : number?
  i-port : input-port?
  o-port : output-port?
  cust : custodian?
  close? : boolean?
Constructs a connection with a timer with a trigger of timeout that calls kill-connection!.

(kill-connection! c)  void
  c : connection?
Closes the ports associated with c, kills the timer, and shuts down the custodian.

(adjust-connection-timeout! c t)  void
  c : connection?
  t : number?
Calls increment-timer! with the timer behind c with t.