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6.9 Unit Contracts

(unit/c (import sig-block ...) (export sig-block ...))
sig-block = (tagged-sig-id [id contract] ...)
  | tagged-sig-id
A unit contract wraps a unit and checks both its imported and exported identifiers to ensure that they match the appropriate contracts. This allows the programmer to add contract checks to a single unit value without adding contracts to the imported and exported signatures.

The unit value must import a subset of the import signatures and export a superset of the export signatures listed in the unit contract. Any identifier which is not listed for a given signature is left alone. Variables used in a given contract expression first refer to other variables in the same signature, and then to the context of the unit/c expression.

(define-unit/contract unit-id
  (import sig-spec-block ...)
  (export sig-spec-block ...)
sig-spec-block = (tagged-sig-spec [id contract] ...)
  | tagged-sig-spec
The define-unit/contract form defines a unit compatible with link inference whose imports and exports are contracted with a unit contract. The unit name is used for the positive blame of the contract.