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5.9 File Security-Guard Checks

 (require ffi/file)

(security-guard-check-file who path perms)  void?
  who : symbol?
  path : path-string?
  perms : (listof (or/c 'read 'write 'execute 'delete 'exists))
Checks whether (current-security-guard) permits access to the file specified by path with the permissions perms. See make-security-guard for more information on perms.

The symbol who should be the name of the function on whose behalf the security check is performed; it is passed to the security guard to use in access-denied errors.

(_file/guard perms [who])  ctype?
  perms : (listof (or/c 'read 'write 'execute 'delete 'exists))
  who : symbol? = '_file/guard
Like _file and _path, but conversion from Racket to C first completes the path using path->complete-path then cleanses it using cleanse-path, then checks that the current security guard grants access on the resulting complete path with perms. As an output value, identical to _path.

Equivalent to (_file/guard '(read)) and (_file/guard '(read write)), respectively.