Version: 5.1.3

Redex: Practical Semantics Engineering

Robert Bruce Findler
and Casey Klein

PLT Redex consists of a domain-specific language for specifying reduction semantics, plus a suite of tools for working with the semantics.

This is a reference manual for Redex. See for a gentler overview. (See also the examples subdirectory in the redex collection.)

To load Redex use:
which provides all of the names documented in this library.

Alternatively, use the redex/reduction-semantics and redex/pict modules, which provide only non-GUI functionality (i.e., everything except redex/gui), making them suitable for programs which should not depend on racket/gui/base.

    1 Patterns

    2 Terms

    3 Languages

    4 Reduction Relations

    5 Metafunctions and Relations

    6 Testing

    7 GUI

    8 Typesetting

      8.1 Picts & PostScript

      8.2 Customization

      8.3 Removing the Pink Background