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45 scheme/sandbox

The scheme/sandbox library re-exports racket/sandbox, except that sandbox-namespace-specs, make-evaluator, and make-module-evaluator are replaced.

(cons/c (-> namespace?)
        (listof module-path?))
(sandbox-namespace-specs spec)  void?
  spec : 
(cons/c (-> namespace?)
        (listof module-path?))
Like sandbox-namespace-specs from racket/sandbox, but the default is (list make-base-namespace) if gui? is #f, (list make-gui-namespace) if gui? is #t.

(make-evaluator language    
  input-program ...    
  #:requires requires    
  #:allow-read allow)  (any/c . -> . any)
  language : 
(or/c module-path?
      (list/c 'special symbol?)
      (cons/c 'begin list?))
  input-program : any/c
  requires : (listof (or/c module-path? path?))
  allow : (listof (or/c module-path? path?))
(make-module-evaluator module-decl    
  #:language lang    
  #:allow-read allow)  (any/c . -> . any)
  module-decl : (or/c syntax? pair?)
  lang : (or/c #f module-path?)
  allow : (listof (or/c module-path? path?))
Like make-evaluator and make-module-evaluator from racket/sandbox, but the value of the sandbox-namespace-specs parameter is installed as the value of sandbox-namespace-specs from racket/sandbox before chaining to make-evaluator and make-module-evaluator from racket/sandbox.