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5 Bitmaps

 (require sgl/bitmap)

(bitmap->gl-list bitmap    
  [#:with-gl with-gl-proc    
  #:mask mask])  exact-integer?
  bitmap : (is-a?/c bitmap%)
  with-gl-proc : ((-> any) . -> . any) = (lambda (f) (f))
  mask : (or/c (is-a?/c bitmap%) false/c)
   = (send bitmap get-loaded-mask)
Converts the given bitmap into an OpenGL list that can be rendered with gl-call-list or glCallList. The rendered object is a square on the z=0 plane with corners at (0,0) and (1,1).

The with-gl-proc must accept a thunk and call it while the relevant OpenGL context is selected. Otherwise, the relevant OpenGL context must be selected already.

If mask is not #f, it is used as the mask bitmap for extracting alpha values.