2 HtDP/2e Teachpacks

    2.1 Batch Input/Output: "batch-io.ss"

      2.1.1 Testing

    2.2 Images: "image.ss"

      2.2.1 Basic Images

      2.2.2 Polygons

      2.2.3 Overlaying Images

      2.2.4 Placing Images & Scenes

      2.2.5 Rotating, Scaling, Flipping, Cropping, and Framing Images

      2.2.6 Bitmaps

      2.2.7 Image Properties

      2.2.8 Image Predicates

      2.2.9 Equality Testing of Images

      2.2.10 Pinholes

      2.2.11 The nitty gritty of pixels, pens, and lines

      2.2.12 Exporting Images to Disk

    2.3 Worlds and the Universe: "universe.ss"

      2.3.1 Background

      2.3.2 Simple Simulations

      2.3.3 Interactions

      2.3.4 A First Sample World Understanding a Door Hints on Designing Worlds

      2.3.5 The World is not Enough Messages Sending Messages Connecting with the Universe Receiving Messages

      2.3.6 The Universe Server Worlds and Messages Universe Descriptions Exploring a Universe

      2.3.7 A First Sample Universe Two Ball Tossing Worlds Hints on Designing Universes Designing the Ball Universe Designing the Ball Server Designing the Ball World

    2.4 Porting World Programs to Universe

      2.4.1 The World is Not Enough

      2.4.2 Porting World Programs

      2.4.3 Porting Image Programs