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13 Switchable Button

 (require mrlib/switchable-button)

switchable-button% : class?

  superclass: canvas%

A switchable-button% control displays and icon and a string label. It toggles between display of just the icon and a display with the label and the icon side-by-side.

(new switchable-button% [label label] 
  [callback callback] 
  [bitmap bitmap] 
  [[alternate-bitmap alternate-bitmap] 
  [vertical-tight? vertical-tight?]] 
  (is-a?/c switchable-button%)
  label : string?
  callback : (-> (is-a?/c switchable-button%) any/c)
  bitmap : (is-a?/c bitmap%)
  alternate-bitmap : (is-a?/c bitmap%) = bitmap
  vertical-tight? : boolean? = #f
The callback is called when the button is pressed. The string and bitmap are used as discussed above.

If alternate-bitmap is supplied, then it is used when the button is switched to the view that just shows the bitmap. If it is not supplied, both modes show the same bitmap.

If the vertical-tight? argument is #t, then the button takes up as little as possible vertical space.

(send a-switchable-button set-label-visible visible?)  void?
  visible? : boolean?
Sets the visibility of the string part of the label.

(send a-switchable-button command)  void?
Calls the button’s callback function.

(send a-switchable-button get-button-label)  string?
Returns the label of this button.