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4.1 Checking documentation completeness

4 Testing Utilities

4.1 Checking documentation completeness

 (require rackunit/docs-complete)

(check-docs lib [#:skip skip])  any
  lib : symbol?
  skip : 
(or/c regexp?
      (listof (or/c regexp? symbol?))
      (-> symbol? any)
 = #f
Checks to see if the module path named by lib (e.g. 'racket/list) has documented all of its exports and prints an error message to (current-error-port) if not.

If skip is a regexp, then exporting matching that regexp are ignored. If it is a symbol, then that export is ignored. If it is a list of symbols and regexps, then any exporting matching any of the symbols or regexps are ignored. If it is a function, the function is treated as a predicate and passed each export of the module. If skip is #f, no exports are skipped.