2 Making Pictures

The slideshow/pict layer provides core functions for constructing pictures, and it is independent of the slide viewer. This layer can be used, for example, to generate a picture as encapsulated PostScript for inclusion into a larger document. The slideshow/pict layer is re-provided by the slideshow language.

    2.1 Pict Datatype

    2.2 Basic Pict Constructors

    2.3 Pict Combiners

    2.4 Pict Drawing Adjusters

    2.5 Bounding-Box Adjusters

    2.6 Pict Finders

    2.7 More Pict Constructors

      2.7.1 Dingbats

      2.7.2 Balloon Annotations

      2.7.3 Face

      2.7.4 Flash

    2.8 Miscellaneous

    2.9 Rendering