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Version: 5.2

19 Lazy Require

Ryan Culpepper <ryanc@racket-lang.org>

 (require unstable/lazy-require)

This library is unstable; compatibility will not be maintained. See Unstable: May Change Without Warning for more information.

(lazy-require [mod (imported-fun-id ...)] ...)
mod = module-path
  | ,module-path-expr
  module-path-expr : module-path?
Defines each imported-fun-id as a function that, when called, dynamically requires the export named 'imported-fun-id from the module specified by mod and calls it with the same arguments.

The module mod can be specified as a module-path (see require) or as an unquote-escaped expression that computes a module path. As with define-runtime-module-path-index, a module-path-expr is evaluated both in phase 0 and phase 1.