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9.1.1 Controlling raco setup with "info.rkt" Files

9.1 Running raco setup

The raco setup command performs two main services:

Run raco help setup to see a list of all options accepted by the raco setup command.

9.1.1 Controlling raco setup with "info.rkt" Files

To compile a collection’s files to bytecode, raco setup uses the compile-collection-zos procedure. That procedure, in turn, consults the collection’s "info.rkt" file, if it exists, for specific instructions on compiling the collection. See compile-collection-zos for more information on the fields of "info.rkt" that it uses, and see "info.rkt" File Format for information on the format of an "info.rkt" file.

Optional "info.rkt" fields trigger additional actions by raco setup: