Slideshow: Figure and Presentation Tools

Matthew Flatt
and Robert Bruce Findler

Slideshow is a library for creating presentation slides. Unlike Powerpoint, Slideshow provides no WYSIWYG interface for constructing slides. Instead, like SliTeX, a presentation is generated by a program.

To get started, run the slideshow executable, and click the Run Tutorial link.

To learn more about why Slideshow is cool, see also “Slideshow: Functional Presentations” [Findler06].

Most of the bindings defined in the manual are provided by the slideshow language, which also re-exports all of racket except for printable<%> (due to backward-compatibility issues).

    1 Creating Slide Presentations

      1.1 Slide Basics

      1.2 Staging Slides

      1.3 Display Size and Fonts

      1.4 Command-line Options

      1.5 Printing

    2 Making Pictures

      2.1 Pict Datatype

      2.2 Basic Pict Constructors

      2.3 Pict Combiners

      2.4 Pict Drawing Adjusters

      2.5 Bounding Box Adjusters

      2.6 Pict Finders

      2.7 More Pict Constructors

        2.7.1 Dingbats

        2.7.2 Balloon Annotations

        2.7.3 Face

        2.7.4 Flash

      2.8 Miscellaneous

      2.9 Rendering

      2.10 Conversion to Picts

    3 Making Slides

      3.1 Primary Slide Functions

      3.2 Slide Registration

      3.3 Viewer Control

      3.4 Constants and Layout Variables

      3.5 Configuration

      3.6 Pict-Staging Helper

      3.7 Slides to Picts

    4 Typesetting Racket Code

    5 Animations

      5.1 Generating Animated Slides

      5.2 Animation Helpers

      5.3 Merging Animations

      5.4 Stretching and Squashing Time