Version 6.4 (February 2016)

About Minimal Racket:
Minimal Racket includes just enough of Racket that you can use raco pkg to install more.
About the Linux installer:
If you don't see an option for your particular platform, try other Linux installers, starting from similar ones. Very often, a build on one Linux variant will work on others too.
Running the Linux installer:
After downloading the installer file, run it with
to install, possibly adding sudo to the start of the command to install to a location that requires administrator access.
M1 / M2 / M3 Mac users:
The latest version of Racket supports Apple Silicon directly. For version 6.4, the Mac OS (Intel 64-bit) variant requires macOS Big Sur 11.1 or above.
About source distributions:
The Source + built packages distribution is recommended, instead of the selected Source distribution. The Source + built packages distribution includes pre-built, platform-independent bytecode; it installs much faster than plain source, and it is also compatible with fast installs of additional Racket packages.
About sources for Windows and Mac OS:
To build from source for Windows or Mac OS, download and build a Minimal Racket distribution instead of a Racket distribution, then (when on Windows) install the racket-lib package with
    raco pkg update --auto racket-lib
and then (on both Windows and Mac OS) install packages with
    raco pkg install -i main-distribution
About source builds on Windows:
After building Minimal Racket from source, install the racket-lib package with with
    raco pkg update --auto racket-lib
before installing other packages.
When upgrading:
To restore packages installed for a previous version of Racket, use DrRacket's File > Package Manager > Copy from Version or at a command line use raco pkg migrate.
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