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8.11 Random generation


(contract-random-generate ctc [fuel fail])  any/c

  ctc : contract?
  fuel : 5 = exact-nonnegative-integer?
  fail : (or/c #f (-> any)) = #f
Attempts to randomly generate a value which will match the contract. The fuel argument limits how hard the generator tries to generate a value matching the contract and is a rough limit of the size of the resulting value.

The generator may fail to generate a value, either because some contracts do not have corresponding generators (for example, not all predicates have generators) or because there is not enough fuel. In either case, the thunk fail is invoked.


(contract-exercise val ...+)  void?

  val : any/c
Attempts to get the vals to break their contracts (if any).

Uses value-contract to determine if any of the vals have a contract and, for those that do, uses information about the contract’s shape to poke and prod at the value. For example, if the value is function, it will use the contract to tell it what arguments to supply to the value.