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Pict:   Functional Pictures

Pict: Functional Pictures

 (require pict) package: pict-lib
The pict library is one of the standard Racket functional picture libraries (the other being 2htdp/image). This library was original designed for use with Slideshow, and is re-provided by the slideshow language.

    1 Pict Datatype

    2 Basic Pict Constructors

    3 Pict Combiners

    4 Pict Drawing Adjusters

    5 Bounding Box Adjusters

    6 Pict Finders

    7 More Pict Constructors

      7.1 Dingbats

      7.2 Balloon Annotations

      7.3 Face

      7.4 Flash

      7.5 Typesetting Racket Code

    8 Animation Helpers

      8.1 Pict Interoplations

      8.2 Merging Animations

      8.3 Stretching and Squashing Time

    9 Tree Layout

    10 Miscellaneous

    11 Rendering

    12 Conversion to Picts