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Slideshow:   Figure and Presentation Tools

Slideshow: Figure and Presentation Tools

Matthew Flatt
and Robert Bruce Findler

Slideshow is a library for creating presentation slides. Unlike Powerpoint, Slideshow provides no WYSIWYG interface for constructing slides. Instead, like SliTeX, a presentation is generated by a program.

To get started, run the slideshow executable, and click the Run Tutorial link.

To learn more about Slideshow, see also “Slideshow: Functional Presentations” [Findler06].

 #lang slideshow package: slideshow-lib
Most of the bindings defined in the manual are provided by the slideshow language, which also re-exports all of racket except for printable<%> (due to backward-compatibility issues) and all of pict.

    1 Creating Slide Presentations

      1.1 Slide Basics

      1.2 Staging Slides

      1.3 Display Size and Fonts

      1.4 Command-line Options

      1.5 Printing

    2 Making Slides

      2.1 Primary Slide Functions

      2.2 Slide Registration

      2.3 Viewer Control

      2.4 Constants and Layout Variables

      2.5 Configuration

      2.6 Pict-Staging Helper

      2.7 Text Formatting Helpers

      2.8 Slides to Picts

    3 Typesetting Racket Code in Slideshow

    4 Animations

      4.1 Generating Animated Slides

    5 Legacy Libraries