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6.10 Object Printing

To customize the way that a class instance is printed by print, write and display, implement the printable<%> interface.

The printable<%> interface includes only the custom-print, custom-write, and custom-display methods. The custom-print method accepts two arguments: the destination port and the current quasiquote depth as an exact nonnegative integer. The custom-write and custom-display methods each accepts a single argument, which is the destination port to write or display the object.

Calls to the custom-print, custom-write, or custom-display methods are like calls to a procedure attached to a structure type through the prop:custom-write property. In particular, recursive printing can trigger an escape from the call.

See prop:custom-write for more information. The printable<%> interface is implemented with interface* and prop:custom-write.

Like printable<%>, but includes only the custom-write and custom-display methods. A print request is directed to custom-write.