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Neil Toronto <neil.toronto@gmail.com>

This library contains convenient functions for constructing icons and logos, and will eventually offer the same for other bitmap%s. The idea is to make it easy to include such things in your own programs.

Generally, the images in this library are computed when requested, not loaded from disk. Most of them are drawn on a dc<%> and then ray traced. Ray tracing images can become computationally expensive, so this library also includes images/compile-time, which makes it easy to compute images at compile time and access them at run time.

The ray tracing API will eventually be finalized and made public. This Racket release begins doing so by finalizing and making public the basic image API used by the ray tracer. It is provided by the images/flomap module.

    1 Icons

      1.1 What is an icon?

      1.2 About These Icons

      1.3 Icon Style

      1.4 Arrow Icons

      1.5 Control Icons

      1.6 File Icons

      1.7 Symbol and Text Icons

      1.8 Miscellaneous Icons

      1.9 Stickman Icons

      1.10 Tool Icons

    2 Logos

    3 Embedding Bitmaps in Compiled Files

    4 Floating-Point Bitmaps

      4.1 Overview

        4.1.1 Motivation

        4.1.2 Conceptual Model

        4.1.3 Opacity (Alpha Components)

        4.1.4 Data Layout

      4.2 Struct Type and Accessors

      4.3 Conversion and Construction

      4.4 Component Operations

      4.5 Pointwise Operations

      4.6 Gradients and Normals

      4.7 Blur

      4.8 Resizing

      4.9 Compositing

      4.10 Spatial Transformations

        4.10.1 Provided Transformations

        4.10.2 General Transformations

        4.10.3 Lens Projection and Correction

      4.11 Effects