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editor-wordbreak-map% : class?

  superclass: object%

An editor-wordbreak-map% objects is used with a text% objects to specify word-breaking criteria for the default wordbreaking function. See also set-wordbreak-map, get-wordbreak-map, find-wordbreak, and set-wordbreak-func.

A global object the-editor-wordbreak-map is created automatically and used as the default map for all text% objects.

A wordbreak objects implements a mapping from each character to a list of symbols. The following symbols are legal elements of the list:

The presence of a flag in a character’s value indicates that the character does not break a word when searching for breaks using the corresponding reason. For example, if 'caret is present, then the character is a non-breaking character for caret-movement words. (Each stream of non-breaking characters is a single word.)

All ASCII alpha-numeric characters are initialized with '(caret line selection). All other ASCII non-whitespace characters except - are initialized with '(line). All ASCII whitespace characters and - are initialized with null.


(send an-editor-wordbreak-map get-map char)

  (listof (or/c 'caret 'line 'selection 'user1 'user2))
  char : char?
Gets the mapping value for char. See editor-wordbreak-map% for more information.


(send an-editor-wordbreak-map set-map char    
  value)  void?
  char : char?
  value : (listof (or/c 'caret 'line 'selection 'user1 'user2))

Sets the mapping value for char to value. See editor-wordbreak-map% for more information.