I Inside Racket CS

The Racket CS API is a small extension of the Chez Scheme C API as described in The Chez Scheme User’s Guide.

    1 Overview

      1.1 “S” versus “Racket”

      1.2 Racket CS Memory Management

      1.3 Racket CS and Places

      1.4 Racket CS and Threads

      1.5 Racket CS Integers

    2 Embedding into a Program

    3 Values and Types

      3.1 Global Constants

      3.2 Value Functions

    4 Calling Procedures

    5 Starting and Declaring Initial Modules

      5.1 Boot and Configuration

      5.2 Loading Racket Modules

    6 Evaluation and Running Modules

    7 Managing OS-Level Threads