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include-at/  relative-to
include-at/  relative-to/  reader
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 (require mzlib/include) package: compatibility-lib

NOTE: This library is deprecated; use racket/include, instead.

Similar to scheme/include, but with a different syntax for paths.


(include path-spec)

path-spec = string
  | (build-path elem ...+)
  | (lib file-string collection-string ...)
elem = string
  | up
  | same
Inlines the syntax in the designated file in place of the include expression. The path-spec can be any of the following:

If path-spec specifies a relative path to include, the path is resolved relative to the source for the include expression, if that source is a complete path string. If the source is not a complete path string, then path-spec is resolved relative to the current load relative directory if one is available, or to the current directory otherwise.

The included syntax is given the lexical context of the include expression.


(include-at/relative-to context source path-spec)


(include-at/relative-to/reader context source path-spec reader-expr)


(include/reader path-spec reader-expr)

Variants of include analogous to the variants of scheme/include.