Release Announcement for Version 6.7

Racket version 6.7 is now available from

- Racket supports building graphical applications on Android through the
  racket-android project:

- The Racket REPL comes with line-editing, command and result history,
  and various meta-commands out of the box, via the `racket/interactive`
  module. See the `racket/interactive` and `xrepl` documentation for

- The package system supports authentication when installing packages
  from git, using the `raco pkg config git-checkout-credentials`
  configuration option.

- HTTP libraries, as well as "raco pkg", support proxying via HTTP

- Typed Racket provides typed versions of `racket/os` and

- The `PLT_COMPILED_FILE_CHECK` environment variable provides more
  fine-grained control over when ".zo" files are consulted.

- The documentation search supports searching for "#lang"s and
  "#reader"s via the "L:" and "R:" search prefixes.

- The `file/glob` module implements globbing for path-strings.

- Optimizations in the bytecode compiler improve performance for
  structure, list, string, and byte-string operations.

The following people contributed to this release:
Alex Knauth, Alex Harsanyi, Alexis King, Andrew Kent, Asumu Takikawa,
Ben Greenman, Brian Lachance, Chongkai Zhu, Daniel Feltey, Georges
Dupéron, Gustavo Massaccesi, Jay McCarthy, John Clements, Jonathan
Schuster, Leif Andersen, Marc Burns, Matthew Butterick, Matthew Flatt,
Matthias Felleisen, Mike Sperber, Robby Findler, Rohin Shah, Ryan
Culpepper, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Spencer Florence, Stephen Chang, Stephen
De Gabrielle, Tim Brown, Tony Garnock-Jones, Vincent St-Amour, WarGrey
Gyoudmon Ju, and William J. Bowman.