Release Announcement for Version 7.3

Racket v7.3

Racket version 7.3 is now available from

Racket-on-Chez continues to improve. Snapshot builds are currently
available at, and we expect that Racket-on-Chez
will be included as a download option in the next release.

In addition, the Racket 7.3 release includes the following improvements:

- There is a new set of teaching languages for the upcoming
  German-language textbook "Schreibe Dein Programm!"

- Racket's IO system has been refactored to improve performance
 and simplify internal design.

- Racket's JSON reader is dramatically faster.

- The `plot` library includes color map support for renderers.

- The Racket web library has improved support for 307 redirects.

- The Racket web server provides better response messages by default
 for common status codes.

- The `pict` library includes a `shear` function.

The following people contributed to this release: Alex Harsányi,
Alexander McLin, Alexander Shopov, Alexis King, Alex Knauth, Andrew
Kent, Bert De Ketelaere, Ben Greenman, Fred Fu, Georges Dupéron, Greg
Hendershott, Gustavo Massaccesi, Jay McCarthy, Jesse Alama John
Clements, Jordan Johnson, Kimball Germane, Lassi Kortela, Leif Andersen
Leo Uino, Marc Kaufmann, Matthew Butterick, Matthew Flatt, Matthias
Felleisen Michael MacLeod, Mike Sperber, Paulo Matos, Philip McGrath
Philippe Meunier, Pierre-Evariste Dagand, Robby Findler, Ron Garcia,
Ryan Culpepper, Ryan Kramer Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Shu-Hung You, Sorawee
Porncharoenwase, Spencer Florence Spencer Mitchell, Stephen De
Gabrielle, Vincent St-Amour, Vladilen Kozin, Winston Weinert, yjqww6,
Wayo Cavazos