Release Announcement for Version 8.3

Racket v8.3

Racket version 8.3 is now available from

* Racket removes syntax arming and disarming in favor of a simpler
 system of protected syntax operations, along with other updates to the
 syntax system.

* DrRacket has improved support for custom #lang languages.

* Typed Racket improves precision for type-checking of non-polymorphic
  structures, existential types, and certain binding forms.

* Scribble HTML output gains a button to show / hide the table of
  contents on mobile platforms.

* Redex's stepper's GUI shows IO-judgment form rule names.

* Many bug fixes!

The following people contributed to this release:

Adam Zaiter, Alex Knauth, Alexis King, Ayman Osman, Ben Greenman, Bob
Burger, Bogdan Popa, Brian Adkins, Cameron Moy, Carl Eastlund, Dan
Holtby, Dominik Pantůček, Eli Barzilay, Ethan Leba, Fred Fu, Greg
Hendershott, Gustavo Massaccesi, J. Ryan Stinnett, Jason Hemann, Jay
McCarthy, Jesse Alama, Joel Dueck, John Clements, Jonathan Simpson,
Kartik Sabharwal, Laurent Orseau, Lehua Ding, Maciej Barć, Marc Burns,
Matthew Flatt, Matthias Felleisen, Michael Ballantyne, Mike Sperber,
Noah Ma, Paulo Matos, Pavel Panchekha, Philip McGrath, Robby Findler,
Ryan Culpepper, Ryan Sundberg, Sage Gerard, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt,
Shu-Hung You, Sorawee Porncharoenwase, Stefan Schwarzer, Stephen De
Gabrielle, Vincent St-Amour, William J. Bowman, minor-change, and yjqww6

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