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Each eventspace has an instance of editor-data-class-list<%>, obtained with (get-the-editor-data-class-list). New instances cannot be created directly. This list keeps a list of editor data classes; this list is needed for loading snips from a file. See also Editor Data.

(send an-editor-data-class-list add snipclass)  void?
  snipclass : (is-a?/c editor-data-class%)
Adds a snip data class to the list. If a class with the same name already exists in the list, this one will not be added.

(send an-editor-data-class-list find name)
  (or/c (is-a?/c snip-class%) false/c)
  name : string?
Finds a snip data class from the list with the given name, returning #f if none can be found.

(send an-editor-data-class-list find-position class)
  class : (is-a?/c editor-data-class%)
Returns an index into the list for the specified class.

(send an-editor-data-class-list nth n)
  (or/c (is-a?/c editor-data-class%) false/c)
  n : exact-nonnegative-integer?
Returns the nth class in the list (counting from 0), returning #f if the list has n or less classes.

(send an-editor-data-class-list number)
Returns the number of editor data classes in the list.