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editor-stream-out% : class?

  superclass: object%

An editor-stream-out% object is used to write editor information to a file or other output stream (such as the clipboard).

An out-stream base—possibly an editor-stream-out-bytes-base% object—must be supplied in base.

(send an-editor-stream-out jump-to pos)  void?
  pos : exact-nonnegative-integer?
Jumps to a given position in the stream.

(send an-editor-stream-out ok?)  boolean?
Returns #t if the stream is ready for writing, #f otherwise. Writing to a bad stream has no effect.

(send an-editor-stream-out pretty-finish)  void?
Ensures that the stream ends with a newline. This method is called by write-editor-global-footer.

(send an-editor-stream-out pretty-start)  void?
Writes a “comment” into the stream that identifies the file format. This method is called by write-editor-global-header.

(send an-editor-stream-out put n v)
  (is-a?/c editor-stream-out%)
  n : exact-nonnegative-integer?
  v : bytes?
(send an-editor-stream-out put v)
  (is-a?/c editor-stream-out%)
  v : bytes?
(send an-editor-stream-out put v)
  (is-a?/c editor-stream-out%)
  v : exact-integer?
(send an-editor-stream-out put v)
  (is-a?/c editor-stream-out%)
  v : real?

Writes v, or n bytes of v.

When n is supplied with a byte-string v, use get-unterminated-bytes to read the bytes later. This is the recommended way to write out bytes to be easily read in later; use get-unterminated-bytes to read the bytes back in.

If n is not supplied and v is a byte string, then for historical reasons, the actual number of bytes written includes a #\nul terminator, so use get-bytes instead of get-unterminated-bytes to read the bytes later.

(send an-editor-stream-out put-fixed v)
  (is-a?/c editor-stream-out%)
  v : exact-integer?
Puts a fixed-sized integer into the stream. This method is needed because numbers are usually written in a way that takes varying numbers of bytes. In some cases it is useful to temporary write a 0 to a stream, write more data, and then go back and change the 0 to another number; such a process requires a fixed-size number.

Numbers written to a stream with put-fixed must be read with get-fixed-exact or get-fixed.

(send an-editor-stream-out put-unterminated v)
  (is-a?/c editor-stream-out%)
  v : bytes?
The same as calling put with (bytes-length v) and v.

(send an-editor-stream-out tell)  exact-nonnegative-integer?
Returns the current stream position.