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color-prefs: set-default/ color-scheme
color-prefs: register-color-preference
color-prefs: add-background-preferences-panel
color-prefs: add-to-preferences-panel
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color-prefs: marshall-style-delta
color-prefs: unmarshall-style-delta
color-prefs: white-on-black
color-prefs: black-on-white

6 Color Prefs

(color-prefs:set-default/color-scheme pref-sym 
  pref-sym : symbol?
  black-on-white-color : (or/c (is-a?/c color%) string?)
  white-on-black-color : (or/c (is-a?/c color%) string?)
Registers a preference whose value will be updated when the user clicks on one of the color scheme default settings in the preferences dialog.

Also calls preferences:set-default and preferences:set-un/marshall with appropriate arguments to register the preference.
  #:background background]) 
  pref-name : symbol?
  style-name : string?
  color/sd : (or/c (is-a?/c color%) (is-a?/c style-delta%))
  white-on-black-color : (or/c string? (is-a?/c color%) #f) = #f
  background : (or/c (is-a?/c color%) #f) = #f
This function registers a color preference and initializes the style list returned from editor:get-standard-style-list. In particular, it calls preferences:set-default and preferences:set-un/marshall to install the pref for pref-name, using color/sd as the default color. The preference is bound to a style-delta%, and initially the style-delta% changes the foreground color to color/sd, unless color/sd is a style delta already, in which case it is just used directly. Then, it calls editor:set-standard-style-list-delta passing the style-name and the current value of the preference pref-name.

Finally, it adds calls preferences:add-callback to set a callback for pref-name that updates the style list when the preference changes.

If white-on-black-color is not #f, then the color of the color/sd argument is used in combination with white-on-black-color to register this preference with color-prefs:set-default/color-scheme.

If either background is not #f, then it is used to construct the default background color for the style delta.
Adds a preferences panel that configures the background color for editor:basic-mixin.
(color-prefs:add-to-preferences-panel name    
  func)  void?
  name : string?
  func : ((is-a?/c vertical-panel%) . -> . void?)
Calls func with the subpanel of the preferences coloring panel that corresponds to name.
  [#:background? background?]) 
  parent : (is-a?/c area-container<%>)
  pref-sym : symbol?
  style-name : string?
  example-text : string?
  background? : boolean? = #f
Builds a panel with a number of controls for configuring a font: its color (including a background configuration if background is #t) and check boxes for bold, italic, and underline. The parent argument specifies where the panel will be placed. The pref-sym should be a preference (suitable for use with preferences:get and preferences:set). The style-name specifies the name of a style in the style list returned from editor:get-standard-style-list and example-text is shown in the panel so users can see the results of their configuration.
(color-prefs:marshall-style-delta style-delta)  printable/c
  style-delta : (is-a?/c style-delta%)
Builds a printed representation for a style-delta.
(color-prefs:unmarshall-style-delta marshalled-style-delta)
  (or/c false/c (is-a?/c style-delta%))
  marshalled-style-delta : printable/c
Builds a style delta from its printed representation. Returns #f if the printed form cannot be parsed.
Sets the colors registered by color-prefs:register-color-preference to their white-on-black variety.
Sets the colors registered by color-prefs:register-color-preference to their black-on-white variety.