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menu: can-restore-underscore<%>
menu: can-restore-underscore-mixin
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20 Menu

Classes created with this mixin remember their keybindings so the keybindings can be removed and then restored.

(send a-menu:can-restore restore-keybinding)  void?
Sets the keyboard shortcut to the setting it had when the class was created.

menu:can-restore-mixin : (class? . -> . class?)
  argument extends/implements: selectable-menu-item<%>
  result implements: menu:can-restore<%>

These menus can save and restore the underscores (indicated via the & characters in the original labels) in their labels.
If the preference 'framework:menu-bindings is #f, calls erase-underscores during initialization.

(send a-menu:can-restore-underscore erase-underscores)  void?
Erases the underscores in the label of this menu, but remembers them so they can be restores with restore-underscores.

(send a-menu:can-restore-underscore restore-underscores)
Restores underscores in the menu’s label to their original state.

menu:can-restore-underscore-mixin : (class? . -> . class?)
  argument extends/implements: labelled-menu-item<%>
  result implements: menu:can-restore-underscore<%>