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Version: 5.2.1

3.4 JFP Paper Format

The scribble/jfp language is like scribble/manual, but configured with Latex style defaults to use the "jfp1.cls" class file. The class file is not included with Scribble due to license issues, but if the file is not manually installed into the scribble/jfp collections, then it is downloaded on demand to (find-system-path 'addon-dir).

Latex output with scribble/jfp uses a main-document version supplied to title as the short-form document name (to be used in page headers).

(abstract pre-content ...)  block?
  pre-content : pre-content?
Generates a nested flow for a paper abstract.

(include-abstract module-path)
Similar to include-section, but incorporates the document in the specified module as an abstract. The document must have no title or sub-parts.

(author name ...)  block?
  name : pre-content?
A replacement for author from scribble/base.

((author/short short-name ...) long-name ...)  block?
  short-name : pre-content?
  long-name : pre-content?
Like author, but allows the short-form names (to be used in page headers) to be specified separately from the long-form name.

(affiliation place ...)  element?
  place : pre-content?
(affiliation-mark mark ...)  element?
  mark : pre-content?
(affiliation-sep)  element?
Use affiliation within author or the long-name part of author/short to specify affiliations after all authors. If different authors have different affiliations, use affiliation-mark with a number after each author, and then use affiliation-mark before each different affiliation within a single affiliation, using (affiliation-sep) to separate affiliations.