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Version: 5.2.1

3.5 LNCS Paper Format

The scribble/lncs language is like scribble/manual, but configured with Latex style defaults to use the "llncs.cls" class file. The class file is not included with Scribble due to license issues, but if the file is not manually installed into the scribble/lncs collection, then it is downloaded on demand to (find-system-path 'addon-dir).

(abstract pre-content ...)  block?
  pre-content : pre-content?
Generates a nested flow for a paper abstract.

(include-abstract module-path)
Similar to include-section, but incorporates the document in the specified module as an abstract. The document must have no title or sub-parts.

(authors auth ...)
auth = (author pre-content-expr ...)
  | (author #:inst str-expr pre-content-expr ...)
  pre-content-expr : pre-content?
  str-expr : string?
A replacement for author from scribble/base.

The #:inst should be a number that matches up to one of the arguments to institutes.

(institutes (institute pre-content-expr ...) ...)
  pre-content-expr : pre-content?
The pre-content-exprs are used as the institutions of the authors.

For use only in institutes.

(email pre-content-expr ...)
Specifies an email address; must be used inside institute.