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Version: 5.2.1

5 Footnotes

 (require scriblib/footnote)

(note pre-content ...)  element?
  pre-content : pre-content?
Creates a margin note for HTML and a footnote for Latex/PDF output.

(define-footnote footnote-id footnote-part-id)
Binds footnote-id to a form like note that generates a footnote in HTML output as well as Latex/PDF output. To trigger the HTML output of the footnotes that are registered through footnote-id, the function bound to footnote-part-id must be called at a position that corresponds the bottom of the HTML page. (The generated section will not show a title or appear in a table of contents; it will look like a footnote area.)

Beware that any content passed to footnote-id will occur twice in at least an intermediate form of the document, and perhaps also in the rendered form of the document. Consequently, the content passed to footnote-id should not bind link targets or include other one-time declarations.