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22.1 Searching in the Docs
22.2 Bug Reporting
help-desk: report-bug
saved-bug-report-titles/ ids

22 Documentation Utilities

This section describes a bunch of utilities designed for use by DrRacket and its tools to connect to the scribble documentation. See also scribble/xref.

22.1 Searching in the Docs

 (require help/search)

(send-main-page [#:sub sub]    
  #:notify notify    
  [#:fragment fragment    
  #:query query])  any
  sub : path-string? = "index.html"
  notify : (-> path? void)
  fragment : (or/c #f ??) = #f
  query : (or/c #f ??) = #f
Visits the documentation file sub in your browser.

This function builds a url that points into the main collection documentation or into the user-specific documentation, depending on the sub argument. Once it finds the path, send-main-path passes the path to notify. The fragment and query arguments are passed to send-url/file, along with the url.

(perform-search str [context])  void?
  str : string?
  context : 
(or/c #f
      (list/c string? string))
 = #f
Searches for str in the documentation. The context argument supplies a context for the search or, if it is two strings, a context for the search and a label for that context.

22.2 Bug Reporting

 (require help/bug-report)

(help-desk:report-bug [this-bug-id    
  #:frame-mixin frame-mixin])  void?
  this-bug-id : #f = (or/c #f exact-positive-integer?)
  frame-mixin : (make-mixin-contract frame%) = values
Opens a bug report window to edit the but report identified by this-bug-id. If this-bug-id is #f, then creates a new bug id and uses that one.

The frame-mixin argument is passed the frame class before creating the window.

(saved-bug-report-titles/ids)  (listof brinfo?)
Returns a list of the saved bug reports.

(discard-all-saved-bug-reports)  void?
Deletes all of the saved bug reports, except those currently open in frames.

(struct brinfo (title id)
  #:extra-constructor-name make-brinfo
  title : label-string?
  id : number?
A record representing a saved bug report. The id field is suitable for use with help-desk:report-bug and the label field is suitable for use in a GUI control.