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16 drracket:frame

drracket:frame:name-message% : class?

  superclass: canvas%

This class implements the little filename button in the top-right hand side of DrRacket’s frame.
(make-object drracket:frame:name-message% parent)
  (is-a?/c drracket:frame:name-message%)
  parent : (is-a?/c area-container<%>)

(send a-drracket:frame:name-message set-message name 
  name : (or/c string? false/c)
  short-name : string?
Specification: Sets the names that the button shows.

Default implementation: The string short-name is the name that is shown on the button and name is shown when the button is clicked on, in a separate window. If name is #f, a message indicating that the file hasn’t been saved is shown.

drracket:frame:mixin : (class? . -> . class?)
  argument extends/implements: drracket:frame:basics<%>
  result implements: drracket:frame:<%>
Provides an implementation of drracket:frame:<%>

drracket:frame:basics-mixin : (class? . -> . class?)
  argument extends/implements: frame:standard-menus<%>
  result implements: drracket:frame:basics<%>
Use this mixin to establish some common menu items across various DrRacket windows.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics edit-menu:between-find-and-preferences)
Adds a separator-menu-item%. Next, adds the "Keybindings" menu item to the edit menu. Finally, if the current-eventspace-has-standard-menus? procedure returns #f, creates another separator-menu-item%.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics file-menu:between-open-and-revert file-menu)
  file-menu : (is-a?/c menu%)
Adds an “Install .plt File...” menu item, which downloads and installs .plt files from the web, or installs them from the local disk. After that, calls the super method.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics file-menu:between-print-and-close file-menu)
  file-menu : (is-a?/c menu%)
Calls the super method. Then, creates a menu item for multi-file searching. Finally, adds a separator-menu-item%.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics file-menu:new-callback item 
  item : (is-a?/c menu-item%)
  evt : (is-a?/c control-event%)
Opens a new, empty DrRacket window.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics file-menu:new-string)  string?
Returns the empty string.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics file-menu:open-callback item 
  item : (is-a?/c menu-item%)
  evt : (is-a?/c control-event%)

(send a-drracket:frame:basics file-menu:open-string)  string?
Returns the empty string.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics get-additional-important-urls)
  (listof (list string string))
Specification: Each string in the result of this method is added as a menu item to DrRacket’s “Related Web Sites” menu item. The first string is the name of the menu item and the second string is a url that, when the menu item is chosen, is sent to the user’s browser.

Default implementation: Returns the empty list by default.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics help-menu:about-callback item 
  item : (is-a?/c menu-item%)
  evt : (is-a?/c control-event%)
Opens an about box for DrRacket.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics help-menu:about-string)
Returns the string "DrRacket".

(send a-drracket:frame:basics help-menu:before-about help-menu)
  help-menu : (is-a?/c menu%)
Adds the Help Desk menu item and the Welcome to DrRacket menu item.

(send a-drracket:frame:basics help-menu:create-about?)
Returns #t.

This interface is the result of the drracket:frame:basics-mixin

(send a-drracket:frame: add-show-menu-items show-menu)  void?
  show-menu : (is-a?/c menu%)
Specification: This method is called during the construction of the view menu. This method is intended to be overridden. It is expected to add other Show/Hide menu items to the show menu.

See also get-show-menu.

Default implementation: Does nothing.

(send a-drracket:frame: get-show-menu)  (is-a?/c menu%)

returns the view menu, for use by the update-shown method.

See also add-show-menu-items.

The method (and others) uses the word show to preserve backwards compatibility from when the menu itself was named the Show menu.

(send a-drracket:frame: not-running)  void?
updates the status pane at the bottom of the window to show that evaluation is not taking place in the user’s program.

(send a-drracket:frame: running)  void?
updates the status pane at the bottom of the window to show that evaluation is taking place in the user’s program.

(send a-drracket:frame: update-shown)  void?
Specification: This method is intended to be overridden. It’s job is to update the "View" menu to match the state of the visible windows. In the case of the standard DrRacket window, it change the menu items to reflect the visibility of the definitions and interaction editor-canvas%s.

Call this method whenever the state of the show menu might need to change.

See also get-show-menu.

Default implementation: Does nothing.