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3.3 Viewer Control

Sets the starting slide for the talk to the most recently created slide. If this function is used multiple times, the last use overrides the earlier uses.

(enable-click-advance! on?)  void?
  on? : any/c
Enables or disables slide advance as a result of a mouse click.

(set-use-background-frame! on?)  void?
  on? : any/c
Enables or disables the creation of a background frame, which is typically useful only when make-slide-inset is used are active. The last enable/disable before the first slide registration takes effect once and for all.

(set-page-numbers-visible! on?)  void?
  on? : any/c
Determines whether slide numbers are initially visible in the viewer.

Parameter that determines the font used to draw the page number (if visible).

Parameter that determines the color used to draw the page number (if visible).

Parameter that controls the precise text that appears to indicate the page numbers (if visible). The input to the function is the default string and the slide number, and the result is what is drawn in the bottom right corner. The default parameter value just returns its first argument.