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The global the-color-database object is an instance of color-database<%>. It maintains a database of standard RGB colors for a predefined set of named colors (such as “black” and “light grey”).

The following colors are in the database:

      Orange Red
      Indian Red
      Medium Violet Red
      Violet Red
      Medium Goldenrod
      Green Yellow
      Yellow Green
      Medium Forest Green
      Dark Olive Green
      Dark Green
      Lime Green
      Forest Green
      Spring Green
      Medium Spring Green
      Sea Green
      Medium Sea Green
      Pale Green
      Medium Aquamarine
      Medium Turquoise
      Steel Blue
      Dark Turquoise
      Sky Blue
      Cadet Blue
      Dark Slate Gray
      Light Steel Blue
      Light Blue
      Medium Blue
      Midnight Blue
      Blue Violet
      Medium Slate Blue
      Slate Blue
      Dark Slate Blue
      Dark Orchid
      Cornflower Blue
      Medium Orchid
      Light Gray
      Dark Gray
      Dim Gray

The names are not case-sensitive.

See also color%.


(send a-color-database find-color color-name)

  (or/c (is-a?/c color%) #f)
  color-name : string?
Finds a color by name (character case is ignored). If no color is found for the name, #f is returned, otherwise the result is an immutable color object.


(send a-color-database get-names)  (listof string?)

Returns an alphabetically sorted list of case-folded color names for which find-color returns a color% value.