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Racket Documentation

This is an installation-specific listing. Running raco docs (or Racket Documentation on Windows or Mac OS X) may open a different page with local and user-specific documentation, including documentation for installed PLaneT packages.

Getting Started



  Quick: An Introduction to Racket with Pictures

  Continue: Web Applications in Racket

  More: Systems Programming with Racket


Racket Language and Core Libraries

  The Racket Guide

  The Racket Reference


  The Racket Drawing Toolkit

  The Racket Graphical Interface Toolkit

  The Racket Foreign Interface

  Scribble: The Racket Documentation Tool

  DrRacket: The Racket Programming Environment

  raco: Racket Command-Line Tools



  How to Design Programs

  How to Design Programs Languages

  How to Design Programs Teachpacks


  Essentials of Programming Languages Language

  Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation

  Picturing Programs Teachpack

  Sprachebenen und Material zu Die Macht der Abstraktion


Other Languages in the Racket Environment

  The Typed Racket Guide

  The Typed Racket Reference

  R6RS: Scheme

  Datalog: Deductive Database Programming



  Package Management in Racket (Beta)

  Web Applications in Racket


  Futures Visualizer

  PLaneT: Automatic Package Distribution

  Racklog: Prolog-Style Logic Programming

  RackUnit: Unit Testing

  Redex: Practical Semantics Engineering

  Slideshow: Figure and Presentation Tools

  Web Server: HTTP Server


  DrRacket Plugins


GUI and Graphics Libraries

  Framework: Racket GUI Application Framework


  Browser: Simple HTML Rendering

  Cards: Virtual Playing Cards Library

  Embedded GUI: Widgets Within Editors

  Games: Fun Examples

  GL Board Game: 3-D Game Support


  PLoT: Graph Plotting

  MrLib: Extra GUI Libraries

  Turtle Graphics

  GL: 3-D Graphics

  String Constants: GUI Internationalization

  Syntax Color: Utilities


Network Libraries

  OpenSSL: Secure Communication

  Net: Networking Libraries


Parsing Libraries

  HTML: Parsing Library


  Parser Tools: lex and yacc-style Parsing

  File: Racket File Format Libraries

  XML: Parsing and Writing


Tool Libraries

  Config: Installation and Search Paths

  Dynext: Running a C Compiler/Linker

  Macro Debugger: Inspecting Macro Expansion

  Make: Dependency Manager

  Readline: Terminal Interaction

  Errortrace: Debugging and Profiling

  Trace: Instrumentation to Show Function Calls

  Profile: Statistical Profiler

  SLaTeX Wrapper

  Test Support

  Version: Racket Version Checking

  XREPL: eXtended REPL


Low-Level APIs

  Inside: Racket C API



  MzCOM: Racket as a Windows COM Object


Miscellaneous Libraries

  SRFIs: Libraries


  Data: Data Structures

  DB: Database Connectivity

  Help and Documentation Utilities

  Implementing HtDP Teachpacks, Libraries, and Customized Teaching Languages

  Math Library

  Scriblib: Extra Scribble Libraries

  The Stepper


  Syntax: Meta-Programming Helpers


Experimental Languages and Libraries

  FrTime: A Language for Reactive Programs

  Lazy Racket


  Algol 60


  Unstable: May Change Without Warning


Legacy Languages and Libraries

  R5RS: Legacy Scheme

  Scheme: Compatibility Libraries and Executables


  Compatibility: Features from Racket Relatives

  MysterX: Legacy Support for Windows COM

  MzScheme: Legacy Language

  mzpp and mztext: Preprocessors

  Graphics: Legacy Library

  MzLib: Legacy Libraries