5 Derived Utilities

    5.1 Safe Homogenous Vectors

    5.2 Safe C Vectors

    5.3 Tagged C Pointer Types

    5.4 Defining Bindings

    5.5 Allocation and Finalization

    5.6 Custodian Shutdown Registration

    5.7 Atomic Execution

    5.8 Speculatively Atomic Execution

    5.9 Objective-C FFI

      5.9.1 FFI Types and Constants

      5.9.2 Syntactic Forms and Procedures

      5.9.3 Raw Runtime Functions

      5.9.4 Legacy Library

    5.10 Cocoa Foundation

      5.10.1 Strings

      5.10.2 Allocation Pools

    5.11 COM (Common Object Model)

      5.11.1 COM Automation GUIDs, CLSIDs, IIDs, and ProgIDs COM Objects COM Methods COM Properties COM Events Interface Pointers Remote COM servers (DCOM) COM Types Class Display Names

      5.11.2 COM Classes and Interfaces Describing COM Interfaces Obtaining COM Interface References COM FFI Helpers COM Interface Example

      5.11.3 ActiveX Controls

    5.12 File Security-Guard Checks

    5.13 Windows API Helpers