11 Macros

+Macros in The Racket Guide introduces Macros.

See Syntax Model for general information on how programs are parsed. In particular, the subsection Expansion Steps describes how parsing triggers macros, and Transformer Bindings describes how macro transformers are called.

    11.1 Pattern-Based Syntax Matching

    11.2 Syntax Object Content

    11.3 Syntax Object Bindings

    11.4 Syntax Transformers

      11.4.1 require Transformers

      11.4.2 provide Transformers

      11.4.3 Keyword-Argument Conversion Introspection

    11.5 Syntax Parameters

      11.5.1 Syntax Parameter Inspection

    11.6 Local Binding with Splicing Body

    11.7 Syntax Object Properties

    11.8 Syntax Taints

    11.9 Expanding Top-Level Forms

      11.9.1 Information on Expanded Modules

    11.10 File Inclusion

    11.11 Syntax Utilities

      11.11.1 Creating formatted identifiers

      11.11.2 Pattern variables

      11.11.3 Error reporting

      11.11.4 Recording disappeared uses

      11.11.5 Miscellaneous utilities