Unstable: May Change Without Warning

This manual documents some of the libraries available in the unstable collection.

The name unstable is intended as a warning that the interfaces in particular are unstable. Developers of planet packages and external projects should avoid using modules in the unstable collection. Contracts may change, names may change or disappear, even entire modules may move or disappear without warning to the outside world.

Developers of unstable libraries must follow the guidelines in Guidelines for Developing unstable Libraries.

    1 Guidelines for Developing unstable Libraries

    2 Automata: Compiling State Machines

    3 Bytes

    4 Contracts

    5 Contracts for Macro Subexpressions

    6 Debugging

    7 Definitions

    8 Errors

    9 Filesystem

    10 Find

    11 Flonums

    12 Futures

    13 Functions

    14 Hash Tables

    15 Interface-Oriented Programming for Classes

    16 Lazy Require

    17 Lists

    18 Logging

    19 Macro Testing

    20 Mark Parameters

    21 Match

    22 Open place expressions

    23 Options

    24 Parameter Groups

    25 Pretty-Printing

    26 Re-Contracting Identifiers

    27 Sandbox

    28 Sequences

    29 Strings

    30 Structs

    31 Struct Printing

    32 Syntax

    33 Temporal Contracts: Explicit Contract Monitors

    34 Unix Domain Sockets

    35 2D Syntax

    36 GUI Libraries