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wrap-expr/  c

5 Contracts for Macro Subexpressions

Ryan Culpepper <ryanc@racket-lang.org>

This library is unstable; compatibility will not be maintained. See Unstable: May Change Without Warning for more information.

 (require unstable/wrapc)

This library provides a procedure wrap-expr/c for applying contracts to macro subexpressions.


(wrap-expr/c contract-expr    
  [#:positive pos-blame    
  #:negative neg-blame    
  #:name expr-name    
  #:macro macro-name    
  #:context context])  syntax?
  contract-expr : syntax?
  expr : syntax?
  pos-blame : 
(or/c syntax? string? module-path-index?
      'from-macro 'use-site 'unknown)
   = 'use-site
  neg-blame : 
(or/c syntax? string? module-path-index?
      'from-macro 'use-site 'unknown)
   = 'from-macro
  expr-name : (or/c identifier? symbol? string? #f) = #f
  macro-name : (or/c identifier? symbol? string? #f) = #f
  context : (or/c syntax? #f) = (current-syntax-context)
Returns a syntax object representing an expression that applies the contract represented by contract-expr to the value produced by expr.

The other arguments have the same meaning as for expr/c.


> (define-syntax (myparameterize1 stx)
    (syntax-case stx ()
      [(_ ([p v]) body)
       (with-syntax ([cp (wrap-expr/c
                          #'parameter? #'p
                          #:name "the parameter argument"
                          #:context stx)])
         #'(parameterize ([cp v]) body))]))
> (myparameterize1 ([current-input-port
                     (open-input-string "(1 2 3)")])

'(1 2 3)

> (myparameterize1 (['whoops 'something])

the parameter argument of myparameterize1: broke its


 promised: parameter?

 produced: 'whoops

 in: parameter?

 contract from: top-level

 blaming: top-level

 at: eval:4.0

> (module mod racket
    (require (for-syntax unstable/wrapc))
    (define-syntax (app stx)
      (syntax-case stx ()
        [(app f arg)
         (with-syntax ([cf (wrap-expr/c
                            #'(-> number? number?)
                            #:name "the function argument"
                            #:context stx)])
           #'(cf arg))]))
    (provide app))
> (require 'mod)
> (app add1 5)


> (app add1 'apple)

the function argument of app: contract violation

 expected: number?

 given: 'apple

 in: the 1st argument of

      (-> number? number?)

 contract from: top-level

 blaming: (quote mod)

 at: eval:8.0

> (app (lambda (x) 'pear) 5)

the function argument of app: broke its contract

 promised: number?

 produced: 'pear

 in: the range of

      (-> number? number?)

 contract from: top-level

 blaming: top-level

 at: eval:9.0